Why this Website on Quality of Life?

The 21st century has seen the emergence of new kind of sociology, the sociology of fear. Some people nurture such a fertile imagination to create fright and illusion. They live a self-centered life, full of pride, bitterness, and worry.

Why are so many people unhappy and unsatisfied with their life? Why this lack of meaning? Why this sense of worthlessness? Some people, at the end of their life, regret and acknowledge they could have lived a better life. Most of the times, we observe a deterioration in morality and the fundamental values of our society. Our value system is in crisis. We are malnourished mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. All those are signs and symptoms of a deeper quality of life problem.

Some of you think back to their life and admit there is room for improvement.  We may see life as a short journey. Our goal is excellence. Wherever we are on the road, we can continuously make progress and become better. This website will help you to move from a life of fear, discontent, resentment and hurt to a life full of love, joy, healings, fulfillment, and bliss.   You will learn how to live in abundance, hope, faith, peace of mind, and forgiveness. There is a real need for this blog.

Whether you yearn for physical, emotional, spiritual and relational well-being, you will have the methods and the value system that will improve your life processes and systems.  You can transform your life and refresh your body, mind, and spirit with lasting changes and a better quality of life.   This website will show you how to infuse change and fundamental values in your life and soften your improvement journey.  You need more than advice; you need a systematic methodology that will guide you step-by-step in your maturity process.

You will also contribute to expanding awareness and knowledge around you and will become part of a network and community of practice that could transform the life of millions around the word.

We recommend you an incremental, baby step approach that will help you improve the quality of your life gradually but surely. You cannot change everything in your life at the same time. That’s why you need a strategic focus for your life.  In your personal journey, focusing on a small set of problems and solve them is crucial to your well-being.  In this blog, we will provide you with the practical tools to improve your life processes by focusing on top priorities and strategies.

Some gurus recommend you to change all aspects of your life in the wrinkle of an eye.  You feel the surrounding pressure to change fast and take a shortcut. The reality is you cannot make progress like that. That may only produce deception and frustrations. You need to work in a systematic way toward your well-being. In this blog, we will provide you practical tools so you can evaluate your life, analyze the root causes of your life problem, examine your life processes, prioritize, develop an improvement plan and test solutions.  Our vision about the quality of life also integrates a short-term focus with a long-term focus.

It is about helping you to improve your health, well-being by applying the principle of continuous quality improvement and a set of coherent values, love, faith, joy, hope, forgiveness, peace of mind, self-control, altruism, generosity, and gratitude.  We recommend an integrated framework that will guide you in the process to focus on the main strategic areas that need improvement. Slowly but steadily you will enjoy this quality of life you deserve.

Dr. Joseph Adrien Emmanuel Demes, MD, MPH, Ph.D. (c),

Medical Doctor, Professor, Researcher, and Spiritual Leader,

The author of the book “How to Improve the Quality of Your Life? A Comprehensive Approach.”

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Dr. Joseph Adrien Emmanuel Demes is a Medical Doctor, Professor, and Researcher.

He is the author of the book "How to Improve the Quality of Your Life? A Comprehensive Approach and Guide to Well-Being".

He is also a spiritual leader helping people connect to the real source of abundance, joy, and well-being.

As a medical doctor, he is someone who is compassionate, has empathy. He is willing to help people change their lives for the better, thrive, and reach their full potential.